The 10 best trailer designs of 2021 are here to amplify your summer glamping plans!

It’s time to come back to our bucket list! After the year of lockdown and safety precautions, we’ve all learned and understood the benefits of traveling – not just the foolish. Traveling should be about creating a list of experiences that help you grow – and what better way to do that than taking a solo / family trip before summer is over! To do this, we’ve created a list of trailers that meet your unique needs and help you get the life-changing experience you really want!

The Bailey Discovery D4-2 camping trailer is designed for adventurers who love their space. The USP of this motorhome is its inflatable awning which creates almost double the private space you need for your starry night getaways. Inside, D4-2 is equipped with all amenities and a fully furnished interior. The best part about that enlarged area – the clear panel that lets in plenty of sun and light while keeping those pesky mosquitoes away.

Bradbuilds is a Los Angeles-based concept artist who reinvents many automotive designs with a crazy twist. Besides the BMW M4 motorhome, his other viral works also include a Tesla roadster safari. BMW is associated with luxury, not with adventure, but this concept really turns the image of the brand upside down to offer us a coupé motorhome that is both sporty and elegant. To accommodate the trailer, the designer removed the backseat from the car and optimized for time off the grid. The vehicle is a 500 horsepower single bed camper van. Interiors include all the items ideally needed for a road trip – a bed, a pair of solar panels, and a kitchenette. The suspension has been lifted and the tires have been replaced with sturdy BFGoodrich tires, making it ready to hit the road less traveled.

The unique creation called Tree Trailer by Henry K. Wein, design student at Design Academy Eindhoven, is a house on wheels like no other. The man’s hut can be towed behind a bicycle or motorbike, and when it comes time to camp, just mount it on a sturdy tree branch with the trunk serving as another support. When mounted on a tree, it reminds me of the idea of ​​vertical camping – in which tents are pitched suspended from vertical cliffs! Henry created this amazing DIY motorhome from repurposed parts, such as the upholstery made from a salvaged house awning. The rest is made of wood and a metal support beam.

The “NoMad” – a light and resistant vehicle which presents itself as a fusion between a traditional tent and a van with a futuristic look designed by Studio ABIBOO. Each NoMad creates this balance by designing 3 unique compartments – a wet area which contains the kitchen and bathroom, a living room / guest bedroom / working room, and thirdly a master bedroom which separates from the living room to help you log out at the end of the day. The trailer layout keeps the wet area at the center of the design, automatically creating a barrier / separation between the living room and the bedroom. Considering space constraints, every element of the vehicle’s design contains storage space and hidden seating areas. Clever use of decks means we can make use of the outdoor space once the trailer is installed. Overall, the design balances four aspects: lightness (hence fuel economy), creating strength to avoid collisions or overturning the vehicle, minimum thickness which provides the best insulation, and finally, an aesthetically packaged home interior and exterior.

Similar to the Cybertruck, the Cyberlandr removes the exterior door handles and opens when an authorized person steps up the steps or accesses through the compatible app. Inside, the minimalist pop-up motorhome has a very airy feel, thanks to the double-glazed windows with electrochromic dimming where necessary. It even makes room for a bathroom (with a shower head and self-cleaning dry-flush toilet) and a versatile living space that can be used as a section for cooking, office work, or the office. nighttime sleep. For this, the kitchen utility comes in the form of a counter with a large sink, two induction burners integrated into the hob and a refrigerator. Once you no longer need to prepare your meals, the pair of lounge chairs can be used for your work or just lounging – it even has two swivel desks. At nightfall, the chairs meticulously fold out into a sleeping space and convert into a double bed.

Nissan NV350 Caravan Office Pod Concept is your ticket to the freedom when it comes to working productively after witnessing the most fascinating sunset from your favorite scenic spot on the outskirts of town or maybe even during of an adventure trip. The mobile office pod housed in the back of the electric pickup truck is something you’ll want to jump right into so much. In some ways, it can compete with the most mind-blowing work of home setups without a doubt. The smartphone-controlled desk comes out of the back of the van into the open air and is sure to be a drug for people who like to work in a natural setting. When you’ve got enough work done for the day or just want a short break in between jobs, simply climb to the top of the luxurious rooftop balcony with a rooftop terrace to relax in style.

The idea of ​​a bicycle camper van is not too new, we have come across a few of them, but they failed to impress with the daring assembly or their dimensions. The Scout motorhome presents a very important alternative that turns into a shelter with a comfortable sleeping space for a rider. The caravan comes in different sizes, you can choose according to your needs, but it requires a sturdy trailer, also made by CreaCon, to transport this real life module to the campsite. The design of the motorhome opens up many possibilities of use. With the starter carried behind the bike for camping, the trailer can be used to haul groceries, tools or anything else depending on the user’s needs. The trailer attaches to the bike using a lockable Weber coupling; it can carry 85 kg of payload autonomously and has hydraulic overrun brakes to compensate for the weight and thrust added by the load.

As part of its commitment to environmental design, CE-ST, a young design studio, created Time Holiday Mobile Home, an A’Design Award-winning modular mobile home the size of a shipping container that can be transported over any terrain. Whether our commitment to sustainability means more camping trips and fewer thefts, or the house is stowed away in an electric motorhome and living off the grid for a while, people are finding unique ways to travel around the world. the respect of environment. Equipped with solar panels, naturally ventilated windows and built with recycled tiles, Time Holiday Mobile Home has been designed to leave a reduced ecological footprint when traveling. Without the need for a foundation, Time Holiday can be installed anywhere in the world, on various terrains and topographies. Time Holiday’s flexibility for traveling allows multiple pods to be parked in one location, forming a sort of group or system of campers.

The Sealander is a 13-square-foot, 1,100-pound camping trailer combo that also doubles as a boat, with the ability to travel in a cool 5 mph in regular waters (it doesn’t is clearly not intended for high tides). With a fiberglass reinforced plastic body, the Sealander is particularly light and strong, performing well on both land and water, and the interior space comes with a table and bench that can be stowed away for transform the interior space into a tilting zone that takes full advantage of the folding roof to let you contemplate the sunset, then the stars afterwards.

Product designer Ozan Kayikci crafted a thoughtful design for an RV tent and portable kitchen for the Microlino 2.0, a Switzerland-based electric micro-car for exploring this unattended segment. A small electric car that can be proud of having a respectable motorhome setup, complete with a small portable kitchen. This gives adventurers another option to hit the road in the small car with the assurance of a comfortable place to camp under the stars. The inflatable motorhome fits inside the front part of the vehicle, and when you need to set up camp, it can be done in a jiffy with one end securely attached to the car. The starter section contains the mini kitchen for making a quick meal under the starry sky.

If you’ve always wanted a specially designed caravan for your Tesla, your wish is granted! Polydrops, based in Glendale, Calif., Have been designing trailers for four years, and now they’ve come up with a P17A motorhome that your EV will love. The angular design of the trailer is well suited to your Tesla Cybertruck, and it’s not just about clean looks! The P17A trailer comes with built-in ground batteries capable of storing 12 kWh of electricity when needed. Great attention has been paid to the temperature variation inside the cabin to keep energy requirements to a minimum. This is made possible by the true foam structure providing 8.7 ”EPS insulation, eliminating the need to use a 5,000 BTU air conditioner in the summer or an electric heater in the freezing winter.

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