Pro-Russian cavalcade with ‘Z’ victory symbol evokes anger and shock in Ireland

A pro-Russian cavalcade with up to 10 cars emblazoned with the Z symbol and rallying behind Moscow’s victory in the ongoing war in Ukraine has sparked condemnation, angst and shock in Ireland. Said convoy took the M50 highway and the bonnet of the green jeep at the front bore the Z symbol and a Russian flag. On the same day, another pro-Russian car rally took place in the German city of Hanover. It is believed to have been organized through a private Facebook group for Russians living in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe.

“It is absolutely disgusting that these Russians living in Ireland are showing their complete disrespect for [their] country of residence and the people of Ireland who oppose Russia’s war in Ukraine,” the Ukrainian Embassy in Dublin wrote in a tweet.

The symbol “Z” should be prohibited : Embassy of Ukraine in Ireland

The Ukrainian Embassy in Ireland has demanded that the Z symbol, which is associated with wartime atrocities for Ukrainians, be banned. The convoy set off from the Maldron Hotel near Dublin Airport and traveled along the M50 road, Ireland’s busiest motorway. It comes just days after Irish lawmakers gave Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a standing ovation, except for People Before Profit TDs who refused to applaud the Ukrainian leader. After the President of Ukraine delivered a speech at a joint Dáil and Seanad session at Leinster House, the people of Ireland before profit refused to cheer or applaud. The four People Before Profit TDs, Bríd Smith, Gino Kenny, Richard Boyd Barrett and Paul Murphy were not in solidarity.

“We stand in solidarity and respect with the people of Ukraine and their president and the war crimes they suffer at the hands of Putin,” a spokesperson later told an Irish newspaper. “But we do not agree with his earlier calls for NATO involvement which we believe would worsen an already dangerous situation,” he added. Ukrainian President Zelesnkyy addressed both houses of the Irish Oireachtas and asked lawmakers to convince the European Union to impose more economic sanctions on Russia. But Ireland’s People Before party does not appear to agree with the Ukrainian leader’s demands to convince NATO and EU countries to declare a no-fly zone and target more sanctions against those responsible for the Kremlin. The move may be an escalation, they explained, adding that both warring sides must work to end hostilities.

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