Markhor symbol on Maryam Nawaz’s umbrella prompts comments

PMLN Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif was seen carrying the umbrella with Markhor’s badge on it. The video appeared on social media on Thursday and caught the attention of social media users.

She was seen holding the black umbrella with a markhor badge above. Interestingly, Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan. Markhor also known as screw horn goat is the national animal of Pakistan as it is found in various parts of Pakistan. Markhor, known as the snake-eating goat, was also the symbol of the Pakistani intelligence agency, ‘Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), a netizen commented.

Another user pointed out that Markhor is no longer the Pakistani ISI symbol as it was recently changed to Shaheen/Eagle. Her video, however, drew mixed reactions on social media. “Maryam under the aegis of the Markhor badge is tantamount to placing the Holy Quran on Rukhsatii’s head in Pakistani politics. Our future generals Rani are also looking for such umbrellas for their debut in Balochistan politics. a read tweet.

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Another Twitter user corrected people saying, “Markhor, no longer the ISI logo. The new ISI insignia contains an Eagle/Shaheen, which was commissioned and installed as the logo for the ISI during the time of DG Faiz.

Social media users have speculated that Maryam Nawaz is holding the umbrella with Markhor’s badge at a time when the PMLN was stripped of rule following the Supreme Court’s verdict on the election of the minister in leader of Punjab. Commenting on the ongoing political struggle between PMLN and PTI, one user said, “Honor the vote in the shadow of Markhor!

#Markhor has been trending on Twitter since yesterday. Some users posted pictures of former Prime Minister Imran Khan and called him the “real Markhor”.

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