Brookfield’s Maker Space program brings student creations to life

BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – A program at local schools in Brookfield helps students turn their ideas into something, whether through printing, carving or embroidery.

There’s a room at Brookfield High School where student creativity comes to life.

It’s called Maker Space, where using 20 different machines and 11 different processes, an idea can become an object.

Take Junior Sam Godsave for example.

“I draw a lot,” Godsave said.

This is where the designs on Godsave’s phone are transferred to a computer and printed directly onto a t-shirt.

“It’s very euphoric. It’s like a really awesome feeling, like wow it’s mine and it’s on somebody else’s shirt or like on a mug or something, and it’s a really awesome feeling,” said declared Godsave.

Junior Luca Franz uses what he’s learned to create hats, t-shirts and signs – some printed, others sculpted or embroidered – all bearing the name and logo of his lawn care company. he also designed.

“It’s great, I mean I can, you know, do things in school that I can use in real life,” Franz said. “Well, I think it’s just like a good opportunity that I have to do that in school and it allows me, you know, to market and get my name out there with all the signs that we’ve done and my logo.”

Maker Space was built two years ago where the courses taught go beyond computer science and design skills, but also include math and language arts.

“We see more kids with more genuine smiles and fun here creating, building and taking things with them than you do in what would be considered a regular classroom. It’s really special to see the children’s creations come to life,” said coordinator George Lesnansky Jr.

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